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River Jordan Camel Dairy

Offering artisan soaps and lotions since 2015

-   ABOUT US  -

Every story has a beginning

Our love affair with camels began in the sticky heat and tall grass of summer, 2015. What started as a simple desire to raise camels to ride (and mow the grass), quickly grew as we learned more about the numerous health benefits that camel milk and camel milk products can provide. Then the plans got expensive...and bubbly. We began creating artisan soap and lotion made with natural ingredients and raw camel milk purchased from another dairy to raise our "camel fund." One bar at a time, we finally made it! 

Four endearing camels—Genesis (aka Jenny), Daisy, Ginger, and 3 month old Journey—now join us on our farm in the same small town in rural Indiana we both grew up in, within 6 minutes of each set of parents—which our two kiddos love (okay, so do we...). As much as possible we try to keep family before business, so if ever we are a little behind in anything please forgive us! We treasure these special moments and wouldn't trade them for anything.

We're often asked the meaning of our name

To us, River Jordan means "life restored." Throughout history God often used the muddy waters of the Jordan River to heal the sick, establish promises, and restore the lost. It's so easy for us to forget that He also has a plan for the muddy little streams in our own daily lives...and believe us, with raising toddlers, wrestling camels, and working from home the water here can get pretty muddy! So more than anything, we chose the name as a reminder of what the Lord has done and promises to do in a world He created.

Seriously, camel milk? 

Researchers around the world are everyday uncovering new links between camel milk and overall physical well-being, including gut health, food allergies, and clear skin. While the scientific jury is still out in the United States, we encourage you to check out the Facebook group "Healing with Camel Milk" to discover potential benefits and read some pretty amazing stories.


What is clear is that camel milk has properties that no other milk does - not cow, goat, water buffalo, reindeer, blue whale, etc. In fact, being exceptionally low in lactose (under 5%) and high in antibodies, milk from the hairy-humped wonder is the closest of all to human breast milk. Check this out: it has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties; it's 3 times higher in Vitamin C than cow's milk and 10 times higher in iron; it's a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids, lanolin (yes, lanolin), and other key vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and proteins that help smooth the skin, reduce fine lines, and add a beautiful softness and glow to the body. Who knew? 

We're not saying camel milk is the only thing out there or the best for everyone. Just know that you are always welcome to use us a resource for all your camel milk questions. 

About Our Soap​ and Lotion

All of our soap is handmade with carefully chosen, all-natural ingredients, fragrances, and colorants, with pure, raw milk from our girls making up a full 25% of each bar. Our fresh lotion contains a variety of luxury oils and fragrances and is made up of 75% pure milk.

The various soap and lotion collections have their own unique blend of ingredients and properties that are useful for different purposes. For example, in our house we have a rustic "coming in from milking" bar, a quick "scrub your hands before dinner" bar, a pretty "did you wash your hands after going potty?" bar, and two or three aromatic ultra-moisturizing or exfoliating bars in the shower. Call us crazy? Nope, just conscious of what we cover our skin with SO many times each day. 

Thanks for stopping by - make us smile by either leaving a note, placing an order, or simply following us on Facebook!

-Luke and Amber Blakeslee

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