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Camels in the Cornfield

Writing down what's up on the family farm

Luke's left-handedness explains a lot about him. This according to Amber, who watches him do everything backward, camel milking and wrangling included. But whether spreading seed in the pasture, winterizing the barn, or everything else he may or may not remember to do,  Luke does actually try to think with both sides of his brain...and with the Lord's help, keep the farm moving toward a bountiful future. 

Head Milk Man

Luke Blakeslee


Amber is not a picky person. She just doesn't like pie, peanut butter, broccoli, or a messy soap room. What she does enjoy is tackling each day with gusto - you should see her daily lists! - and taking plenty of time out to laugh and work with the kiddos on projects. Fingerpainting, anyone? Her husband (writing this) and children are blessed every day by her in so many ways! 

Head Soaper and Manager of Operations

Amber Blakeslee

The pigtails say it all! Our little Pokey Bear is all girl, but with no small amount of future farmer mixed in. On nice days she pulls on her light-up boots and follows her Daddy into the barn for her favorite job, pouring grain for the camels. She also models merchandise and, yes, is the official "sniffer of soaps." 

Lead organizer and sniffer of soaps


If there is work to be done, we can always count on Lancer Dancer to be....wait, has anyone seen Lance? Alright, so he is still catching on to the sun-up-to-sun-down work routine of farm life. Yet this boy radiates sweetness at every turn, even when he's putting shoes in the toilet or decorating the couch with a thousand candy sprinkles. We love this little boy!

Early rising jokester