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Life of a farm wife

I’d like to start off by saying I’m not your typical farm wife. Growing up, while I always dreamed of having a large white farmhouse and land to explore and ride my horses on, I never really got into that whole “grow your own food” and “get up at the crack of dawn to care for animals” thing. I still don’t. Actually, it was my sister who was more rooted into farm living than I was, growing a garden and raising chickens, pigs, and beef– I seemed to just be along for the ride. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was never really sure of it enough to give it a go for myself. Ironically, my sister now lives in the suburbs of Indianapolis and here I am on a camel farm of all things!

Jericho and me - boy is he getting big!

Anyone who knows me knows that I despise the cold and winter with every fiber in my being. Spending more time getting your winter gear on and off than the amount of time you spend outdoors? No, thank you! So, when it comes to winter chores with the camels I rely pretty heavily on my husband, who willingly tends to the feedings, water maintenance and barn cleanings, all geared up in his Carhartt’s, winter boots, two coats, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves and two hats – which takes him at least 15 minutes to layer on top his already long-johned body. Bless him.

There are occasions, however, where I will wrestle on my snow pants and heavy coat to brave the icy blast of winter in Indiana. Today was one such occasion. Though it wasn’t without its tantrums - coming from this momma trying to fit toddler fingers into gloves – it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. We laughed, we fell in the snow, we said hi to the camels, we lost gloves, cried because our hands were cold without the gloves, and promptly trudged back inside the house. Ahhh, fun times. You know what I like? Summer. I like summer. But I also like being a farm wife. Despite the drawback of winter, I am energized by the challenge of maintaining a property and animals through every season. It’s a career that has a history like no other - so deep that it started at Creation in the Garden of Eden when God, “took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” It seems that God made farm living for a reason – it teaches us things about life, His creation, and ourselves in such a special and unique way. An extreme challenge at times? Definitely. But SO worth the effort, especially when we see ourselves growing as a family and we get to witness our children learn more about their Creator. Yep, the life of this farm wife is blessed indeed.

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